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All the paintings shown on this webiste are also available as "Giclee Prints"
These prints are specially printed with pigments (not inks) so that they last much longer.
(According to Epson they will last over 100 years.)

Shipping is free on orders over $50.00
Please phone in your order with credit card to (858) 602-6969
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  Each image is available in 4 sizes
  All come double matted with a gold inset mat
  The sizes are standard & easy for you to frame. 
  These 2 sizes are printed on watercolor paper:
1)  8 X 10     $15.00        2)  11 X 14   $25.00

  The 2 larger sizes are printed on canvas & each is "hand embellished" with oil paints by the artist.  
                   These truly look like an oil painting.

1)  14 X 18    $60.00
16 X 20    $75.00

Call for more details   
(858) 602-6969
"Giclee" Prints 
The word "Giclee"
is French
meaning "to spray". 

It is through modern
technological advances 
that we are now
to create these prints with such fine nuances as the original oil paintings. 

You will notice the subtle colors and brush works  on the prints.
They are almost impossible to distinguish from the original.

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